Early 2022 I started weegee - the biggest flat search in Switzerland. I’m still operating it but shifted my focus to a new startup:

backl.io - a backlink builder for startups

I’m having two products which build upon eachother:

  1. SEO Kickstarter - if you just start with SEO and are not listed on Google at all, then this helps you to get “somewhere”: Based on my original research based on 200 startups I extracted the 60 most effective backlinks which are achievable without any cold email reachout.
  2. Backlink builder - once you have the basic backlink you’ll need an automated way to do backlink outreach. This tool computes the backlink gap to your competitor, creates a list of potential backlink sources, crawls their email addresses, lets you create an email template and off you go with a semi automated way of emailling likely linkers.