This howto…

  • installs postgres13
  • creates a first database
  • sets postgres password
  • makes postgres reachable from outside

I assume that you…

  • have an amazon linux 2 instance (ec2 or lightsail)
  • opened port 5432 (I strongly recommend to open it only to a set of ip addresses)

Install postgres

Before you can install postgres you need to “enable” it:

sudo amazon-linux-extras enable postgresql13

At the time of this blogpost version 13 was the highest one. You can try with higher versions, if you mistakenly enabled a version you can also disable it with disable.

To install it client+server:

sudo yum install postgresql postgresql-server

Some extensions you might want to have on top:

  • postgis: sudo yum install postgis
  • contrib extensions (e.g. for earthdistance): sudo yum install postgresql-contrib

Setup postgres

Create the initial postgres database:

sudo postgresql-setup initdb

Start it and tell linux to start it at boot time:

sudo systemctl start postgresql
sudo systemctl enable postgresql

Check that postgres really started with sudo systemctl status postgresql

Secure the linux postgres user:

sudo passwd postgres

Set postgres database password:

su - postgres
psql -c "ALTER USER postgres WITH PASSWORD 'your-super-secret-password';"

Make it reachable from outside

Because I opened port 5432 on ec2 only to a set of ip addresses I make postgres to listen to any incoming address:

Change /var/lib/pgsql/data/postgresql.conf and put around line 59:

listen_addresses = '*'

Likewise /var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf (around line 88) add this line:

host  all  all md5

Now you should be able to connect to your db from outside.