Since the days of the iPhone finding the right way to handle the mobile phone is challenging to me. Working in web programming and being a father and husband at the same time is means that I need to be able to connect to my colleagues at work when not at my desk while being able to “tune out” while being with my family.

My latest try at the problem was to buy a “feature phone” which was good enough to support the bare minimum (apart phone calls and SMS this is WhatsApp and internet tethering for my tablet/laptop) but was dumb enough that it would not tempt me away to check any news/mails while being with my family. I came across the “Nokia Asha 302” which is no longer produced but IMO was selling bad enough that there are some in stock in the most countries (at least that was in case here in Switzerland).

I’m on this “feature phone” now since a few days and must say that I’m quite happy with it. When I am at work I just take my android tablet (nvidia shield k1) with me, if I want to tune out I can leave the house with my mobile only. As it is an outdated phone there are some tweaks you need to do which I documented below:

Tips and Tricks

Install WhatsApp

When trying to access the nokia store the first time I got

certificate not valid according to phone’s date

What solved the issue for me was to set the date a few years back (I think I tried 2013). After the store was updated I needed to set the date back to the current date in order to download WhatsApp (otherwise it triggers another certificate exception)

Install Google Maps

Go to with your mobile and search for “map” -> lets you install google maps on your s40 based phone even though google maps is no longer officially supported for this series.


Just enable bluetooth on your mobile, pair device and connect to network.

Phone doesn’t turn on

I had this when trying to charge with a wrong adapter. Asha 302 said it was charging but in fact it was not, just change to a different adapter


All headphones with three rings do not work (e.g. iphone headphones), but the “normal” headphones without mic with just two rings do work.